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Author's Position

How to Write Author’s Position | Reading Skills

Author’s position in poetry: Author’s position can be three type in case of writing poetry. First person or subjective point of view means when the poet talks about himself or his experience. Third person or objective point of view refers to when the poet does not talk about himself or his experience. Third person omniscient point of view stands for

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Frost as a poet of Nature

Evaluate Frost as a poet of Nature.

 We can form an idea of Frost as a poet of Nature from a study of the characteristics of his poetry. He can be called a poet of Nature though not in the sense that Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats were poets of Nature. He possessed an. attitude to Nature entirely different from theirs, though on the surface he resembled

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Agamemnon Summary

Agamemnon Summary by Aeschylus

Agamemnon Summary: Agamemnon starts with an on-duty watchman at the roof of the palace of Argos and he is waiting for a signal of falling down of troy. When he sees a flashing beacon, he runs to tell the news to the Queen Clytemnestra. After that, chorus made of some old man of Argos starts to tell how the Trojan

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