Tennyson as a representative poet of Victorian Age

Tennyson as a representative poet of Victorian Age

Literature reflects the tendencies of the age in which it is delivered, and there is dependably an awesome literary artist who turns into the mouthpiece of his Age and he offers articulation to its hopes and aspirations, fears and questions, success and venture in his works. Such an artist was Alexander Pope in the early eighteenth century and Chaucer in the later fourteenth century. 

Alfred Tennyson who was born in 1809 stands in indistinguishable connection to his occasions from Chaucer does to the later fourteenth century and Alexander Pope to the early eighteenth century. He is genuinely "the glass of design and the shape of frame" of the Victorian period as Spenser was of the Elizabethan Age. He is the normal Victorian poet voicing in his poetry the hopes and aspirations, the questions and suspicion, the refined culture and the religious freedom of the age. Like a withdrew yet goal onlooker, he nearly viewed the odd and stream of occasions occurring in his country. He trusted that it was the function of a poet to infiltrate and translate the soul of his own age for the future generations. Consistent with his poetic belief, Tennyson presented immaculately the Victorian Age in its changed angles in his poetry. In the expressions of W.J. Long - "For nearly half a century Tennyson was a man and poet as well as he was a voice of an entire people, expressing in stunning melody their questions and their confidence, distress and their triumphs. As a poet who communicates less an individual but rather more a national soul, he is presumably the most agent literary man of the Victorian period. 

Tennyson faithfully reflected the different parts of the Victorian life in his poetry. W. H. Hudson puts it in this way - "The change which Tennyson's idea experienced an adjustment concerning social and political inquiries itself uncovers his inquisitive affect ability to the tendencies of his opportunity." Now it will be our undertaking to look at how faithfully the poet is the organ - voice of his age. 

The Victorian time was basically an age of peace and settled government. People did not need fervor rather they wished to be soothed and guaranteed. Tumult, storm, and the progressive sentiments annoying built up traditions were glared by the Victorians. Tennyson reflects this hankering of the age for the expert of law, and settled request. The prevailing component in Tennyson's thinking is his feeling of law. The thing which most satisfies and inspires him is the display of request in the universe. The most astounding acclaim showered by Tennyson on his country is that she is - "A land of settled government where opportunity is regularly widening down from point of reference to point of reference." The poet finds the working of law even in the distresses and misfortunes of humanity. 

Politically the age was striking a compromise between the developing tide of democracy and political opportunity to the majority and the continuation of the old request of aristocracy. Tennyson displays this trading off soul of the age in his poetry. He surrenders the case os democracy and in the meantime he maintains the old aristocracy. 

Patriotism and love for the country were the significant features of the age. The Victorians took pride in their country and national wonders. In Tennyson's poetry the feeling of national pride and magnificence is very much sounded. He shows English life and behavior with most extreme truthfulness. 'The Northern Cobbler' and 'Village Wife' are for the most part national portraits depicting the rustic life of England.
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