Discuss Addison is the pioneer of English Novel.

Joseph Addison

Novel is fictional writing about the people and events. Very often, while reading a paper from The Coverley Paper by Addison and Steele, we have the feeling as if we were reading a page from a novel. And it is commented that their essays, particularly, foreboded the arrival of the novel. The elements of a novel i.e. character or characters, incidents (loosely or well-knit into a "plot"), some sort of narrative which carries to forward the plot, artistic unity, and stimulating dialogue are found in The Spectator Papers.

 Characters are the life-breath of a novel. Even if some novels may be 'plot less' none can be without characters. The greatness of a novelist is measured, wrongly or rightly, by his success in the field of characterization. The success of Addison and Steele in creating viable and lifelike character is too well-known to need any mention. One of the chief reasons for their greatness at characterization is that they can import surprising "life-likeness" to their characters.

 In all, we thus have from their pen hundreds of essays, which are of nearly uniform length, of almost unvarying excellence of style, and of a wide diversity of subject. They are a faithful reflection of the life of the time viewed with an aloof and dispassionate observation. Their aim was to point out "those vices which are too trivial for the chastisement of the law, and too fantastical for the cognizance of the pulpit."

 The narrative quality of novel is found in The Coverley Papers. The essays are appeared as a story before the readers. For example, The Spectator's Account of Himself is appeared like an autobiographical novel though in very short size.

Like novels there is artistic unity in The Coverley Papers. Artistic Unity means the condition of a successful literary work whereby all its elements work together for the achievement of its central purpose. And it is found in the essays of Addison and Steele.

 The dialogues in these essays are occasionally bright and stimulating, for the style of the essayist is unquestionably elegant, lucid, lucid, urbane, and polished. Sir Roger's talk, for example, about the widow creates the illusion of real life. As well as, the scene in the church reads like a chapter from a novel.

 In conclusion it can be said that as a forerunner of English novel. Addison uses elegant and polished language of actual conversation. He has firm command over the language. Even in short sentences, he is able to express his ideas succinctly. So we can agree with Macaulay that Addison was a forerunner of the great English novelists

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