Important Notes of Araby.


*Discuss the romantic cravings of the hero.Or how was the narrator disillusioned by the end of the story.

Ans. Araby is a fantastic story by James Joyce (1882-1941). The plot of story centers round the romantic aspirations of an adolescent hero. The story shows us the development of the hero from futile imagination to maturity.

The story tells us at first that the setting of the is the capital of Ireland Richmond Street. There are some characters in the story and among them, Mangan’s sister is the hero of the story. From the narration of the story it is known that the hero meets the heroin first at her own door at night when she comes to call het brother for having tea. The hero feels very much happy and excited that is why first impression is the best impression. At morning, the narrator observes his girl friend from his uncle’s house very secretly. The hero of story always bears the picture of her and feels very smooth and comfort. He goes to the back drawing room of the house where the priest died, rain came and he excitedly told that o love. Such romantic thinking goes day after day but one day for first time Mangan’s sister asks him if he is going to Araby and she also tells him that she can not go because of retreat. He tells her that if he goes, he will bring a gift for her. After a long struggle he reaches to the bazaar by train and he gets the grimmest reality of his life that there is a far difference between reality and imagination. Finally he feels humiliation, frustration and wrath because he could not find anything suitable for buying and realizes that he was in illusion.

In fine it can be told that Araby is a story all men and it is not only a story but also an instruction for all humanity.

*What did the narrator in Araby see in the market?

Ans. "Araby" by James Joyce (1882-1941) tells tale of a young narrator who goes through an experience from innocence to new level of maturity.

In the story, Araby is the symbol of beauty and enjoyment. The hero makes a plan to go Araby for buying a gift for his long loved beloved. When he finally manages to go Araby, he feels that he is knight on a holy mission. After arriving at the bazaar, he is shocked to find no enchantment because of warehouse full of cheap products or merchandise.  All the stalls were almost close and he found himself in big hall where there was an utter silence.  He walked through center of the bazaar timidly and saw a few people gathered about the stalls which were still open. He saw two men were counting money in salver. In order to buy something he went over to one the stalls and examined porcelain vases and flowered tea sets. At the door of stall he found a young lady talking and laughing with two young gentlemen. At last he discovered that he is frustrated, humiliated and wrathful.

*What picture of Dublin do you find  in Araby?

Ans. Araby is a fabulous short story by James Joyce (1882-1941). The plot of the story is set in an unpleasant and dirty environment of Dublin city.

We can figure out the setting of the story from the very outset of the narration. The author has described Dublin as city of muddy lanes and odor pollution. He particularly describes the North Richmond Street that is a silent street without the final hour of Christ Brothers’ School. The houses of the street are facing each other silently and looking dull and pale. There is a two stored house at the end of the street that is deserted and empty. The houses of the street are thickly congested and a good number of people live in the houses. After the sunset, people take their dinner and go to bed early but the narrator and his playmates start playing till they are sweated. At that time, the narrator saw the heroin feeling an untold feeling. The street of the market is filled with crowd and the street singers sing romantic song and a song about the problem of the country. Now we can say that Ireland is a poor country and Dublin is a drab and dreary city.
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