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The Most Important Brief Questions of Introduction to Prose

Introduction to Prose

These are the brief question of Introduction to Prose for Hons First Year students. If you can capture all these questions, you can get full marks in examination. Part -A The following brief questions are the most important brief questions of the course “Introduction to Prose”: Who is the wise man according to Bacon? Ans. […]

Different Types of Poetry

Different Types of Poetry

In English literature there are different types of poetry which are defined and point out here for the knowledge seeker of English literature. Lyric Lyric is a kind of verse or poem in which the poet expresses his personal feelings and opinions as to the subject matter of the poem. “TO Daffodils” by Robert Herrick […]

Evaluate Frost as a poet of Nature.

Frost as a poet of Nature

 We can form an idea of Frost as a poet of Nature from a study of the characteristics of his poetry. He can be called a poet of Nature though not in the sense that Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats were poets of Nature. He possessed an. attitude to Nature entirely different from theirs, though […]

Agamemnon Summary by Aeschylus

Agamemnon Summary

Agamemnon Summary: Agamemnon starts with an on-duty watchman at the roof of the palace of Argos and he is waiting for a signal of falling down of troy. When he sees a flashing beacon, he runs to tell the news to the Queen Clytemnestra. After that, chorus made of some old man of Argos starts […]

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