Discuss the difference between court life and country life in As You Like It.

Shakespeare’s (1564-1616) one of the principal themes is the difference between court life and country life In As You Like It (1590). In this play, the court life represents treachery, disloyalty, corruption and the country life represents safety and natural goodness even though nature can be harsh. The country as represented by the Forest of Arden is depicted as a magical place, a heaven for those who seek to escape the restrictions and artificiality of court life.
As we know that the atmosphere of “As You Like It” is rural and pastoral. Early in the play, we find that the atmosphere of the court is vitiated by jealousies, rivalries and antagonism and the court life is also affected by this. But the atmosphere of the country life is entirely different. As in the forest, Duke Senior finds that the………. Buy This Note

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