The Rise of English

Discuss how Eagleton links the rise of English to the crisis in modern civilization.

Terry Eagleton is a British literary theorist, critic and public intellectual. “The Rise of English” is one of his critical essays in which he has depicted the significance of literature because of the crisis of modern civilization. From the very outset of the modern sense of literature, modern civilization started to suffer from different types of crisis.

The first and foremost crisis of modern civilization we get in the essay “The Rise of English” is the failure of religion in the mid-Victorian period. Religion and science became rivals for each other and the twin impacts of science and social change made religion unreliable at the bottom. The Victorian ruling class was worried because it is universally accepted that religion is an effective form for ideological control. Like all successful ideologies, it works much less by explicit concepts than by image, symbol, habit, ritual and mythology. To save the nation from this crisis English literature came forward and showed its success too…….. Buy This Note

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