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Author's Position

Author’s position in poetry:

Author’s position can be three type in case of writing poetry.

  • First person or subjective point of view means when the poet talks about himself or his experience.
  • Third person or objective point of view refers to when the poet does not talk about himself or his experience.
  • Third person omniscient point of view stands for when the poet talks about the topic or theme in which it seems that he has a deep knowledge about the topic.


Changing position: It means that the poet changes his position frequently in the poem as for example the poem opens with the description of first person or subjective point of view and ends with third person or objective point of view.

Ans. Author’s position is a key-fact for a poem. It reflects the prophetic genius of a poet. Bearing message for the people generation after generation is the prime responsibility for a prophet and a poet is a prophet certainly. An author’s prophetic power depends on his descriptive or narrative position.

The speaker of the poem is speaking about write the theme of the poem.  After going through the poem, we can understand that the poet has recounted the subject matter of the poem from write the point of view. Now write the summary of the poem. Thus, the poet most effectively conveys the subject matter of the poem for the people of the world in an objective or a subjective manner.



How to write the tone of the poem:

Tone: In writing, tone indicates the general character or attitude. it can be several types such enjoyable or ecstatic or happy, sorrowful, frustrating, melancholic or depressed, surprising, praising, serious and philosophical etc. just imagine the real situation of your life for example if you talk about the corruption of your country as poet, what kind of tone will be used by you. In fact, it will be criticizing and frustrating. Similarly, if you talk about death as poet, your tone will certainly be serious and philosophical.

Ans: Tone is a vital fact for a poem as it adjusts the readers with poet’s attitude and mood which are applied in the poem. It also creates lifelike feelings within the readers what the poet wants to express basically.


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The very poem opens with write the tone of the poem. The tone of a poem basically depends on diction. The poet has chosen his words such as write some of the words and their meaning which bears the readers to the deep level of poet’s feeling about the subject matter of the poem. Without perfect tone, reader’s concentration and feelings as to the poem can no be created.

So, the tone of the poem is perfectly well matched to the subject matter of the poem as we feel after going through the poem that the poet has just now delivered a lecture in front of us because of the tone of the poem.



Theme: Theme refers to an idea recurs or pervades in a literary work. In other words, it is an abstract idea of what a poet wants to say about life or human nature. It is considered to be the lifeblood of a poem. Without a prophetic theme, a poem can never be attracted to the readers or approved by the readers at all.

The quoted poem deals with spanking theme that is write the theme here. The theme of the poem has been developed by dint of extra-ordinary diction and figures of speeches. Analyze the understandable words and figures of speeches.

Thus, the intensified theme of the poem has made it ever green and universal.

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