Oedipus Rex Summary

Summary Of Oedipus Rex
Oedipus Rex

Laius and Jocasta were the King and Queen of Thebes. .in any case, the ruler had visited the Oracle, a priestess who made an awful prescience. “The kid will grow up to execute his dad and wed his mom!”. So, the ruler had a metal stick pounded through the feet of his own youngster. At that point he gave the kid to a shepherd.
He advised the shepherd to take him up into the mountains and abandon him to bite the dust. Be that as it may, the shepherd had compassion for the kid. He offered him to another shepherd, from Corinth on the opposite side of the mountains. Who offered him to the King of Corinth, who was childless. The lord named the kid “Oedipus” which signifies “club foot”.
He raised him as his own particular child, the Prince of Corinth. Back in Thebes, King Laius’, the normal dad of Oedipus, felt beyond any doubt that he had gotten away from the prediction. A long time later, when Oedipus is a young fellow, an alcoholic at a gathering discloses to him he isn’t the lord’s child.
So, he goes to the prophet to inquire as to whether this is valid.
Rather than noting his inquiry, the prophet reveals to him the prescience.
“You will slaughter your dad and wed your mom!” Thinking the King of Corinth is his dad, to get away from his destiny, he escapes TO THEBES! At a place where three streets meet, he contends with and slaughters a man. At that point he experiences the sphinx, a beast who eats all voyagers that can’t explain her conundrum.
“What goes on four legs early in the day, two legs toward the evening, and three legs at night?”
He fathoms the question of the sphinx, she diverts herself from a precipice and Thebes is liberated from her revile.
In appreciation, QUEEN JOCASTA weds him and he moves toward becoming ruler. They have four kids. A long time later, torment strikes Thebes. In his pride, Oedipus guarantees to spare Thebes again and stop the torment. The prophet discloses to Oedipus Laius’ executioner must be found and rebuffed. The prophet reveals to Oedipus Laius’ executioner must be found and rebuffed.
Jocasta reveals to Oedipus that Laius was executed at a place where three streets meet. The prophet discloses to Oedipus Laius’ executioner must be found and rebuffed.
Jocasta reveals to Oedipus that Laius was murdered at a place where three streets meet.
Oedipus begins to speculate himself. He sends for an old man who was with Laius when he was murdered. At that point News arrives that the King of Corinth is dead… Oedipus supposes he has gotten away from the prescience! In any case, the errand person who brings the news is the plain same shepherd who brought Oedipus down from the slopes And the old man who touches base to recount the tale of King Laius’ passing is the simple same shepherd who took Oedipus there The awful truth turns out that Oedipus has satisfied the prescience of the prophet, murdered his dad and wedded his mom. Jocasta, Oedipus’ better half and mother, hangs herself. On discovering her body, Oedipus grabs a pin from her dress, and gouges out his eyes.

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