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Hi, I am Ruhul AMin from Bangladesh. I am a student of English literature. Many times, when we (students of English literature) go through our study we face some problems. So , this is an attempt of me to solve this problem for my fellow students.

Purposes of this site:

  1. .To help students to get their notes . We write here from many writer's books. 
  2. To help the students who are not eligible to buy all the books of their syllabus. This type of site can help a lot to that type of students.
  3. To create a question, answer based storehouse of literary information.
  4. To practice literature with the lovers of it all over the world.
  5. Lastly to express our own thinking .

Though all the writings of this site are published through one ID but Many people contributing in this site.


He always provides us with technical support.

Many others of my friends and well-wishers provide us with articles.

For personal contact this is my mail id;

  • prcfoundationn@gmail.com
  • meglaakas679@gmail.com

For staying  connected with www.literaturexpres.com, You can follow us on social media.

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