Discuss Matthew Arnold as a critic with reference to “The Study of Poetry.

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Matthew Arnold was the Victorian poet and critic. Matthew Arnold as a critic is considered to be the first modern critic and could be called the critic of critics because he became not only the champion of great poetry but also of literary criticism.

Matthew Arnold as a critic, he talks on social issues, science, religion and education. He was the first to pose question in the industrial Victorian society.According to Matthew Arnold, the purpose of literary criticism is to know the best that is known and thought in the world and to generate a flow of genuine and fresh ideas that is why he has been able to influence the whole school of critics including T. S. Eliot and Allen Tate.
The sociological school of criticism was founded by Matthew Arnold. His touchstone method introduced scientific objectivity to critical evaluation by providing comparison and analysis as the two primary tools of criticism. His touchstone method and objective approach…………………..


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