Discuss Grice’s Maxims or Gricean Maxims.

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Herbert Paul Grice (1913-1988) was a British philosopher of language who influenced the philosophical study of semantics. He is known for his theory of implicature.
Theory of implicature means that the speaker means to suggest or imply something to his or her listener that is not literally expressed. This term was coined in 1975. An example can be cited :
                                A ( to a passer by ) : I am out of gas.
                                B: There is a gas station around the corner.
From this short dialogue, it is indicated by the speech of B that the gas station is open but he does not express literally that the gas station is open.
The Cooperative Principle: According to Paul Grice, the cooperative principle in social science generally and Linguistics specifically describes how people achieve the effective conversational communication in common social situations- that is how listener and speaker act cooperatively and accept one……………


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