Emily Dickinson - 4 in 1.

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  • Discuss the themes of Dickinson’s poetry.
  • Comment on Dickinson’s  Mysticism.
  • Death as the Recurring Symbol of Dickinson’s Poetry- Discuss.
  • Comment on Theme of Immortality in Dickinson’s Poetry.
  • Transparent Illustration
  • Reference
  • Quotation
  • 4 in 1
  • Use of Advanced Words
  • Complete
  • Students Friendly
  • Specially for Students & Researchers
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Emily Dickinson [1830-1886] is famous for mysticism. She uses mystic elements in a large extent. Her poems are based on spiritual development of thought and profound knowledge. Dickinson gives priority to spiritual or mystic love than sensational love. In the
poem, “Wild Nights Wild Nights”, Dickinson refers her lover as “thee” but who is thee it is obscure. She anticipates,

Rowing in EdenAh- the sea!
Might I but moor- tonightIn thee!
Dickinson relates that passing a night with her lover is luxurious and she wants to row by boat with her lover in the sea of Eden. Here rowing by boat in the sea of Eden reveals mysticism. Passing a night with her lover was normal and sensational
love but rowing by boat in the sea exposes spiritual or mystic love.

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