How does Eagleton evaluate the Romantics? Discuss.

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Terry Eagleton (1943- ) in his “The Rise of English” represents that the modern sense of the word “Literature” started in the nineteenth century. The Romantic period (1798-1832) was the mark of transition or change that is why the true definition of literature began to develop in this period.
In the third para of the essay, the essayist has upheld the modern sense of literature. According to him, “literature is a historically recent phenomenon: it was invented sometime around the turn of the eighteen century and would have thought extremely strange by Chaucer (1343-1400) and even Pope (1688-1744)”. 
By this Eagleton means to say that the modernity of English literature started in the middle English period by the hand of Geoffrey Chaucer who is considered to be the father of English poetry but it was really incomplete and Chaucer was only the seeder of modernity. 
By the second part of the modern sense of literature, Eagleton implies that the true modern sense of English literature started positively in the eighteen Century but this time was also incomplete……….


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